Youth Lagoon - Daisyphobia

Mortals, we are mortals on the run.

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Fruity Fanny Packs

I bought Rhydian and I both the pineapple one on impulse last week. Bum bags are very serious business and I am excited to own one of such high calibre.

i’m barely making it to my compulsory 4 hours per week
my first assessment is due today
i still have til the end of the week to decide whether to drop out
i’m so tempted

View from my Mum’s new place. We were both struggling at the start of the year and it’s nice to say now that we’ve both come a long way.

I still need to get a desk and a bookshelf to house my abundance of junk, but it’s getting there. I’m kind of happy about it.


are you willing to eat what the vultures will not?

I think about this line a lot. I think about how I am willing to do pretty much anything for money except hold down a normal job. I think about the scraps I pick at, the scraps that make up my life. I move my mattress into my new home tomorrow and hopefully things start coming together. The room is tiny but I am excited nonetheless to finally have a place to put myself together again.

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(directed by SSION).  

from the album ‘Too Bright’ (out September 23, September 22 in the UK via Turnstile)